Kieran Bennett

Kieran is a Professional member of Visual Artists Ireland.

If you consider the concept of ‘Form as Beauty’ for beauty sake, which has given us wonderful expressions of art and many fine artists down through the ages and then consider the concept of “function”, which Designers and Architects use to create their beautiful forms of practical art – it is a rare person that contains both aspects of Art and Design, which requires a trained illustrator’s hand and the creative insight of an artist.

Here in West Cork there is such a person. Kieran Bennett, based in Clonakilty, is an accomplished professional Illustrator who gained his experience in over his 45-years as an Architectural Draughtsman Designer and Artist-Illustrator in both the Public and Private Sectors, in Planning, Design & Interiors. Kieran began working life at the age of 15 in an Architect’s office in Bantry, West Cork, continually educating himself academically & professionally whilst working with approved bodies. Gaining professional membership to the Institute of Designers in Ireland, Graphic Design and Interior sections, Membership to the Society of Architectural Illustrators in the UK. Professional Membership to the Interiors Association, Ireland – interior architect, and to add a Social Science Diploma from ARLT.

Kieran suffers from anxiety and sometimes depression. His depression is well under control now, but the anxiety still plagues him. But as Kieran says, “I now feel the fear and now just do it.”

Many of the historical buildings, shop fronts, pubs, and facades all along West Cork’s route have been beautifully illustrated by Kieran. Other mindful imagined artworks in oils, acrylics, pastels have also been produced by Kieran. All of these works can be viewed and purchased at Studio 43 Clonakilty at 43 Wolfe Tone Street in Clonakilty.

Many of Kieran’s works can be seen on walls in Canada, USA, the UK and Ireland. Kieran retired from the Private sector after 32 years and the public sector also. The Grá for drawing keeps growing as Kieran says “I’ve a head/ mind scourged with thoughts.” The Art has been a therapy for my depression and the anxiety forces the best out of my right arm each day.

Kieran has not limited himself to only Architectural and Historical art but has continued to develop as an artist. From the fine pens in inks, he produces small and very large panoramic canvases, boards and mixed mediums of Seascapes and thought-provoking artworks in oils, acrylics and pastels. He dabbles in Portraiture and Abstractions as well as Political critique.

Kieran says, “I like to think of my art in terms of “diversity and emergence” because of its distinctly broad range of subject, style and mediums. I am an explorer who began 45 years ago with Architects and am now crossing a bridge from design into fine art.” Kieran’s collection of fine drawings and other Artworks spans currently near 2000 pieces, done in various mediums from pencils, watercolours, oil & chalk pastels, inks, acrylic oil paints. So whether a beautifully illustrated piece of Clonakilty, Bantry, Cork, West Cork towns, Kinsale art or a thought-provoking piece, dive into the creative mind of Kieran Bennett, come and explore his works.

Kieran Bennett. MIDI. R. VAI. M

Cover a Broad Range of Subject, Style and Mediums

From small and very large panoramic canvases, boards and mixed mediums of Seascapes to thought-provoking artworks in oils, acrylics, and pastels, we create all.

WINTER OPENING AT Studio 43 Clonakilty.